This project will reach over 1,000 girls and young women within the wider Soroti Area of Eastern Uganda. This project is being delivered under partnership with the Centre for Basic Research Uganda, KiBO Foundation and the Awoja Riverside Leisure farm through funding by the IDRC.
The general objective of the study is to contribute to improving the technical capacity and economic status of vulnerable women and youth in rural areas by enhancing their opportunities for employment in agribusiness. 

The specific objectives are:-

1. Examine agribusiness sector growth and its drivers, sectoral composition, policy environment, value chain and linkages with other sectors, and contribution to the economy;
2. Identify, characterize and determine the potential and challenges of small scale agribusiness sector to generate productive employment for the women and youth;
3. Build and enhance capacity of rural women and young entrepreneurs to sustain economic activities and find employment through villages skills development and apprenticeship training programs; and
4. Identify and document innovative best practices that favor women and youth, recommend practical policy relevant results and directions on how to support and scale-up agribusiness development in Africa. 

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